European court: Swiss Muslim girls must swim with boys

European Court of Human Rights upholds fines on Swiss Muslim parents who refused mixed swimming lessons for daughters.

January 10, 17
"The European Court of Human Rights upheld a decision of a Swiss court backing fines on Muslim parents who refused to allow their daughters to take part in mixed swimming lessons on the basis of their religion." This is interesting, what most people feel most about immigration is ideological non-conformation to their new country. This is clearly an attempt to impose ideology upon a child without consent of the parents.
Fb Comments responding to article: "Ezra Mushala just like if Swiss children go to Saudi arabia or Qatar they will be forced to swim separately, their country their laws respect them or go to a country you feel more comfortable with." "Berkay Celilo─člu I am a Turk and agree with this decision of the European court. You must follow the rules of the country that you live in, that's all. No need for bigotry" "Norma Rigg Why do Muslims move to non-Muslim countries and expect their hosts to change their laws to accommodate them. I haven't noticed any of Islamic countries reciprocating, Saudi Arabia, for example, has thousands of foreign non-Muslims and punishes them for the slightest perceived offence." Most people seem to agree with the decision. Some opposing viewpoints: "Kevin Clinton That literally makes no sense. They could have had paid private lessons or taught them to swim as parents. Learning at school is not important in anyway. This is just racism It isn't in the state interest to force swim lessons or force children to learn every lesson." "Tasmin Haque LOL Really? So if one refuses to participate in swimming with boys they suddenly become socially excluded? Dramatic much? I doubt kids really give a s**t wether few girls wanna swim with them or not. No one gets socially excluded over that... atleast not by kids. Seems more like an issue that adults have created! What's next muslim kids refuse to eat pork in school? You gonna fuss about that too and force them to eat pork? Make vegitarian kids eat meat? Otherwise they will be socially excluded? Ridiculous!"