Matt Walsh: Dads, we can’t expect our sons to become real men if we don’t teach them how

Matt Walsh - January 10, 17
In response to seeing feminine boys and transgender women: "As I watch all of this, one point especially comes to mind, obvious though it ought to be: this is why boys need dads."
"It’s certainly possible — though unlikely, I would think — that a boy could have the best dad in the world and still turn into a makeup model. Children have a will and an identity of their own, after all, and there’s only so much we can do to shape it."
"the result of parents who didn’t really do much in the way of shaping their kids. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that in a country where broken and fatherless homes are endemic, so many young men have mysteriously discovered their inner female." I think this a result of the legacy of masculinity, it left a broken, wounded world from which we have to recover.
"We live in a culture intent on subverting and perverting our nature. Yes, boys are naturally inclined towards the masculine and girls towards the feminine, but many powerful forces are working to usurp the process and sow confusion into the minds of our children. These make up marketing campaigns and “transgender” magazine covers are examples — and results — of their efforts." I think this is greatly exaggerated. The number of transgender people shown, for instance, is minimal compared to the number of cis people shown. Additionally this doesn't explain the existence of trans people before they went mainstream.
"A young boy cannot possibly come to “identify as a girl” because he doesn’t really know what a girl is, or what he is. He doesn’t understand anything about the gender he’s assuming or the one he’s rejecting. If he understood himself, and loved himself, he would not reject himself. If he is rejecting himself, that probably means that he has not been taught to love or understand himself." This is a very interesting concern, which I don't have much thought about, except to note that I *do* think we perhaps place too much pain on those who take up a masculine identity. Yet, he doesn't seem to be fixing that. This kind of masculinity through force doesn't really work well, as people want to forge their own identities.
"[T]hey and the companies they represent have co-opted femininity in a very similar way, turning it into a grotesque sort of mask, something that can be worn when the mood strikes and removed just as quickly." - I think this is a good point, we have turned femininity into a commodity.
It's funny how conservatives complain about social engineering, then go out of their way to socially engineer things: "We would not expect our boys to learn how to read or do arithmetic or play baseball without any form of instruction whatsoever. Why then do we expect them to learn how to be men entirely on their own, especially in a society dead set on interfering in the process? As we’ve seen a million times, if a boy is left to learn about masculinity all alone in the wilds of modern society, he’ll come to the conclusion that masculinity is either toxic or non-existent. He’ll determine that the best thing a man can do is reject whatever is unique to men and begin aping the style, mannerisms, and behavior of women. He’ll learn, in other words, that the best kind of man is a woman." Walsh very much admits that masculinity is a thing that should be learned, and then specifies *how to teach it*