Watch this sexual assault survivor’s powerful testimony at Sessions hearing

Kaitlyn Schallhorn - January 11, 2017
Mostly put this here because the comments were interesting, and more nuanced than you'd expect: "Saying something is not an action. The left continues its assualt on language and common sense. As many of you may know I’ve often argued that child sexual abuse may be the most committed crime worldwide and the least reported. I have no problem hanging this poor victims inhuman father by the balls. But, Trump never committed a crime. Saying something is not a crime. Senator Sessions answered the question correctly from the perspective of a prosecutor. The lefts agenda is to criminalize speech and thought. Especially if it’s from a conservative or republican. Sessions will be confirmed and will have no difficulty insuring people like this ladies father is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law with Trumps unwavering support. While I place barbs in the rope to tie his balls with." - utopiabuster "First let me say that sexual assault should be punished by forced castration. I need not elaborate further. That is my feeling of justice and lets be honest it solves the problem. - That being said Donald Trump has not committed sexual assault against anyone. Drawing that parallel belittles actual sex offenders and their crimes. Fortunately, that is a fact that cannot be escaped by reality. - This brings me to the obvious play on emotion married to a character attack to elicit a illogical response. This is sadly nothing but a blatant Saul Allinsky tactic designed to destroy a good man. I will suggest that it will fail. It isn’t working on those of us that pay attention. I assure you, we are slowly working on educating the public on the merits of critical thinking that the public schools intentionally do not. Specifically, identifying fallacious character attacks married with pleas to emotion. - It is outrageous someone without the ability to articulate a sound argument was allowed to spew propaganda to score political points with democrat constituents." - Pyrosis Stupid ones: "SO because your father raped you allegedly Jeff Sessions did something? F you go to India and see how long ya last. Snowflake." - DoomsdayProphet "The left is so corrupt, that they won’t even care about this." - CommenterInChief "A victim of triggerment! Rampant in California….." - Zipit
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