Tumbleweed toy seeks and destroys land mines - INDEX: Design to Improve Life®

MINE KAFON, INDEX: AWARD 2013 FINALIST. There are presently in excess of 110 million deadly mines hidden underground, silently and surreptitiously waiting to kill thousands of lives ever year. Afghan designer Massoud Hassani used inspiration from his favourite childhood toy in order to design the Mine Kafon, a unique minefield sweeper that destroys all mines ...

August 4, 2013
"Massoud Hassani, an Afghan designer living in The Netherlands, has taken on this monumental challenge. Hassani’s childhood in Afghanistan impressed upon him a profound fear of landmines – with much of the land being off-limits for play – but also provided him with inspiration for a solution. As a child he built wind-powered toys that would roam the fields. What if a wind-powered ‘toy’ could roam the landmine infested fields and detonate the mines? And just like that the idea was born."
Note how people's whole lives go into their inventions and their ideas. There are threads of thought, curiosity, and themes that run throughout our lives.