Why Trump's Staff Is Lying

It's both a loyalty test and a proclamation of power.

Tyler Cowen - January 23, 2017
"By requiring subordinates to speak untruths, a leader can undercut their independent standing, including their standing with the public, with the media and with other members of the administration. That makes those individuals grow more dependent on the leader and less likely to mount independent rebellions against the structure of command." Effectively, he's making them pariah's in the normal world.
This is an indicator he does not trust his subordinates
"Trump’s supporters are indeed correct to point out that previous administrations also told many lies, albeit of a different sort." - "high status mistruths" are hard to verify (come from ambassador and diplomats) and can often be more "leanings" than mistruths (but, they tend not to resemble the blunt truth) - "low status lies" are easily verifiable as lies, and are essentially proclamations of power * signals loyalty by burning bridges with other groups * indicator that he believes he can get things done very quickly