Linda Sarsour, Women's March Organizer and Fake Feminist

Linda Sarsour is a principal organizer for Woman’s March on Washington following President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Alex Vanness - February 03, 2017
This is an interesting piece, because it demonstrates how people falsely use empathy to further their own agenda: "In 2011, Sarsour took to twitter and vulgarly berated Hirsi Ali; and ACT for America founder, Brigitte Gabriel, and said, “I wish I could take their vaginas away – they don’t deserve to be women.” This is especially in vulgar considering the suffering Hirsi Ali has endured. Shortly after the tweet was uncovered, instead of owning up to the vulgar tweet and apologizing, she tried to delete it before it was seen by too many people." Remember, this is the same zine that promoted this piece: