Advice for Wives/Girlfriends of Autogynephiles

Or, “Help!  My Husband Wants A Sex Change!” This page is for the wives and girlfriends of autogynephiles: Transgenders / Cross-Dreamers / Cross-Dressers / Transvestites / and “lat…

November 12, 2014
"If you have had children together, you will need to discuss all of the usual things that divorcing parents do… plus one other rather uncomfortable topic, how to explain your ex’s transition. This will depend upon age. Consider this sage advise that has come down from the ages, “less is more”. Kids are resilient. Kids are often wise. Let them figure things out on their own. Oh… but one more thing I would advise: Don’t use or encourage the same appellation for each of you. If you are “mommie”… your ex is NOT “mommie” as well. It can still be an affectionate label, but it should be something else. Because, well… you are NOT the same people, and did NOT have the same role in bringing these children into the world."