Of course men want children more than women do

Women. They all just can’t wait for a man to “put a ring on it” and commit to starting a family. But men… Men have such a hard time letting go of their beloved bachelor…

Susan Cox - March 20, 2015
As women, we’re told to believe that degradation is respect, submission is empowerment, and marriage and children is all her idea.
^ was a quote
"marriage is a historical institution of female control. Women become legally bound to a man, losing their autonomy and ability to leave him. The wife becomes the man’s second mother and she is expected to care for and nurture him. She performs all the mundane tasks necessary to keep their day-to-day lives going, so that he can grow and shine. Even in our supposedly progressive, feminist age, women are still expected to do the bulk of the child-rearing and domestic labor, leaving men free to continue to pursue their life-goals and careers, unencumbered. In marriage and reproduction, men are clearly the winners."
"for some reason, men treat women as if they are doing them a huge favour when they finally acquiesce to the female demand for matrimony."
"As women, it is particularly difficult for us to understand the male condition, because we operate in a model of energy conservation. We give a little piece of ourselves to everything we’re a part of."
"The acquisition of a wife and children does not deplete the man of energy. Rather, they are like colonies. He invests little and is rewarded as beneficiary in the end. The woman raises the child and the child becomes yet another resource in adulthood and when the father reaches old age."