Black man says Tulsa cops arrested him for ‘over-obeying’ during traffic stop: ‘No matter what I did, I was going to lose’

Addressing a 2017 arrest for a DUI, a black Tulsa real estate investor said that he was innocent — as his blood test later proved — and that he was taken into custody for being too compliant with the arresting deputies. In an interview with Tulsa World, businessman Adam James called the encounter with Tulsa Deputy David Allen and Deputy Randy Schaefer a “surreal’ experience  after  they accused him of doing drugs when they confronted …

January 19, 2018
As for his hands staying up out of his fear of being shot, James said the deputies were suspicious of him because he was “over-obeying,” and that was why he ended up handcuffed in the back of a cruiser on his way to a local hospital for a blood test before being booked. “So no matter what I did in there, I was going to lose,” James explained. After his blood test came back negative, District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler said his office dropped the case because, “based upon the preliminary blood test results that came back from the laboratory testing,” there was no evidence of anything that could have impaired James.
Note - this is effectively trauma